Saturday, May 11, 2019

Unsecured Database Found Gets Hijacked by Hackers Leaking Data About Millions of Indians


Over 275 million records have been identified as being insecure and publicly marked on the Internet, with personally identifiable information related to Internet citizens. Cyber ​​security experts have found that MongoDB database will include data collected from various job portal in database database, while the "industry" resume ID, "and" functional area. "It is not harmful, the name, email address, gender, Details like birth date, salary and number of mobile Are. Reasons. MongoDB is an open source database management systems are widely used.

Unsecured Database Found Gets Hijacked by Hackers Leaking Data About Millions of Indians

Unsecured Database Found Gets Hijacked by Hackers Leaking Data About Millions of Indians

Personalized personal information such as names, gender, date of birth, email, mobile number, education details, professional information (employer, employment history, skills, functional area) and current salary. Interestingly, researchers said that when the database revealed sensitive information of millions of Indians, it did not receive information that could be attached to a specific employer.

However, the researcher stated to the Indian CERT team that the database can be open and searchable until May 8, 2019. This data is now known to be abducted by hackers called ers Unistellar Group. Hackers have deleted content and have changed a message to contact them. In particular, they have detected many other unsecured databases and servers in the past, which has identified the publicly available 140+ GB MongodiBib database of 808,539,939 e-mail records in March.

According to Diachenco, he was immediately contacted by the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) of the unsafe database, but the database may be reached until May 8, which was hijacked after the Unistelr group. The information available with search engines indicates that Shadow Database for the first time internet-connected devices were indexed on 23 April 2019, that is, available on the web for at least two weeks using personal information.

It is not clear at this time the owner of the database, but Diahenko predicts that it is "anonymous person or organization" as part of a large-scale scraping operation. Database owners have succeeded to draw 275,265,298 records of personal information about Indian job seekers. About the database owner, Diachenko's claim is not worth considering any Indian job portal, anywhere anywhere there are 275 million members.

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