Twitter for Terrorism Content Suspended 166,153 Accounts in H2 2018

The social media company said Thursday that Twitter has suspended 166,000 accounts in the second half of last year to overcome online terrorism on its platform. Together with Facebook and Google, Twitter is under pressure to put pressure on regulators and governments around the world or face more and more laws.

Twitter for Terrorism Content Suspended 166,153 Accounts in H2 2018

Twitter for Terrorism Content Suspended 166,153 Accounts in H2 2018
In its latest transparency report, the company produced its technical equipment results, 91% of their many of these first, suspended by its internal technology to encourage terrorism material, tweets were preceded by flags as data was used in red. Twitter suspended 165,153 accounts for 205,156 accounts in the last six months to encourage terrorism between July and December, 195 percent.

In most cases, this account takes action in Tweets account in a second step. "We have received official information requests from 86 countries.Almost 30 percent of the people included included 35 percent of all global accounts mentioned in the global government and category in the US," Mr blankets said. Japan (24 percent of global information requests) was submitted to the second largest quantity of information applicants. Compared to the previous report period, we received 8 percent of global global legal requests worldwide, requesting removal of content and affecting 2 percent fewer accounts.

For the first time, Twitter, which claimed 27,283 accounts from 48 countries, including Bulgaria, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia and Slovenia, received legal requests. "74 percent of all global legal requests for removal of content created from both countries by Russia and Turkey alone", the company said. During the reporting period, Twitter stopped 456,989 separate accounts for child sexual abuse, which is 6 percent less than previous reporting.

In those special accounts, temporarily, 96% of technologies came from technology solutions, including PhotoDNA and internal proprietary tools. The thrill of Twitter "accounted for 174 per cent of active challenges in Spamy's behavior in the second half and stage of 2018, a total of 194 million challenges.

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