Lunar Lander Project Blue Moon Unveils by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

Blue Origin Chief Jeff Bezos, 
the world's richest man and space agency, announced on Thursday that it will carry vehicles and equipment along with high tech lands to participate in the new race on the moon. "It's Blue Moon," the 55-year-old was in a carefully draft exhibition in Washington, as curtains were removed to show the model of a large ship. Land is more than three metric tons, 15 is completely fuel and can take up to 3.6 tons or 6.5 in other models of the moon.

Lunar Lander Project Blue Moon Unveils by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos
Lunar Lander Project Blue Moon Unveils by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos
It can be accomplished by four feet, with the tools of the upper deck can be solved. The largest tank of liquefied hydrogen fuel is in its midst. "This is an amazing vehicle, and it will go on the moon," declared Amazon's founder. The Bezos project did not announce a specific date shortly after, but after Blue Origin it said that the moon could not reach the public with a stated goal by 2024 US President Donald Trump. Virgin Galactic also works in space tourism. In the first few years, commercial space travel is supposedly supervised, and only super cars can use their new services.

However, the Bezos Space Travel said Thursday that millions of people allow and develop an early work space in the Blue Origin, which will unlock the potential for the countless future entrepreneurs and artists. This work, he says, is a major requirement that the earth is "limited", so the space to expand the space is human need to do one day so that he does not make up in the queue and stagnation. Bezos said during the Yale Club talks in February, "The solar system can support one trillion people, then we have 1000 Mozart and 1,000 Einstein." "Think of how amazing and dynamic of civilization."

NASA has already established its own landmarks in the south pole, an area that is supposed to have enough rocket-fueled water to use for additional rocket fuel and drinking water. He spoke of the importance of human colonialism of the future of the aerospace and mentioned two important issues: reducing experimental cost and using resources in the space already. "One of the most important things we know about the moon is water today." "It is in the form of ice, which is permanently shrouded at the moon's poles." His attention went on to share among other billionaires-backed private space businesses such as Aerospace Inkanbents, Boeing, and Lockheed Martin, such as the Mask and the United Start Alliance of Spesaks.

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