Saturday, May 11, 2019

Google Said Antitrust Probe Into Alleged Android Abuse to Face CCI


Alphabet Unit Claimed Misuse India's Antitrust watchdog described the two resources issue ordered by Google to prevent rivals of its famous Android mobile operating system. The India Competition Commission (CCI) has been penalized by the founding institution for filing complaints which faced a Google-like similar Europe as a result of 4.34 billion euros ($ 5 billion or Rs 35,000 crore) last year, Reuters reported. February.

Google Said Antitrust Probe Into Alleged Android Abuse to Face CCI
Google Said Antitrust Probe Into Alleged Android Abuse to Face CCI 
The India Competition Commission (CCI) is the same as last year, as it launched to think of a complaint, which was encountered by Google in Europe, which led to a fine of 4.34 billion euros ($ 5 billion) last year, a Reuters in February. In mid-April, the CCI complained that the complaint had been directed to carry out a thorough investigation with a direct knowledge of the complaint. This decision, confirmed by another source, has not previously been reported and has called for an entire inquiry.

In a statement in TechCrunch, a Google representative said that the company wants to work with the CCI.We are looking forward to working with India Competition Commission to demonstrate Android leadership and innovation. "The investigation is not the first of its kind, it takes about a year to end and Google officials Known. Prior to the regulator, the news agency reported. The CCI has not commented on public inquiry.

If found guilty, Google will be penalized at 10% of its local income or 300% of its net profit. In recent years India has emerged as one of Google's largest markets, making the company a very small amount in the country. According to regulatory filings, which went back to $ 1.4 billion in the end of March 2018, in March 2018, it was more than $ 100 billion worldwide in a comparable period.

Special allegations, as well as their identification of the complaint, are unclear. With the launch of this trial, India has continued to trade with many European Union, which have not harassed their dominant position in the corporate market - to make - including Android. This year, Preebnd has forced many EU controls, including your Android phone, Chrome browser and Google to conclude its OEM partners Google's Google Search store.

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