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First Commercial Space Flight Plans Virgin Galactic for This Year


15 years ago, Virgin Group founder Richard Bransson made a bet to launch tourists from space in New Southwest Scrabland. Now, he is going to move his space agency's headquarters, his so-called "space of encounter". Its permanent headquarters at the North Las Cruces Spacefront America marks the Virgin Galactic Phase, making their efforts accelerating the vital space tourism business. It also reminds me of the revival of the 2014 crash of the test pilot.

First Commercial Space Flight Plans Virgin Galactic for This Year
First Commercial Space Flight Plans Virgin Galactic for This Year
This summer, a celebration announced on Friday that the company will move about 100 employees in California while the end of its test flight program is going to be the Santa Gal Michele Luzon Grisham on Virgin Galactic Village. Next steps- In fact, users on board can start the end of this year. Virgin Galactic chief executive George Whitsaids, said in a telephone interview that "the dedicated space dock is finally promised for a long time to unite our spacecraft with the United States."
Branson said he was in the first passes; Whitsides said he and his wife Loretta could travel in 2020.'s founder Jeff Bezos's space mission Blue Origin is also planning its first commercial flights this year.

Space Dock is a carrier aircraft at the airplanes of Virgin Galactic from the US, which takes up to about 45,000 feet, the spacecraft, which falls into it and then calculates the fire to climb into the sub-planet. Passengers who spent two days on the premises of Virgin Galactic preparing for the first tour can reduce the weight of about 10 minutes to land on the spacecraft.

In February, Virgin Galactic completed his first California test flight in Mojave, working with his first non-pilot employee, astronaut instructor and former NASA engineer Beth Mos. Musa produces Virgin Galactic Cabin and Customer Manufacturing Protocol. His flight was first recognized by Virgin Galactic's VSS Unity SubRBS spacecraft three times faster than the Mark 3 speed of sound speed; It is also the tallest height, the space of the firm's 295,000 feet or 56 miles above Earth.

Virgin Galactic already has approximately 90 customers, who paid $ 250,000 (approximately $ 1.7 million) on a 90-minute flight. Branson's space mission was delayed due to the major engineering changes following the crash of its VSS Enterprise 2014 crash by pilot Michael Elsbury. Virgin Galactic has planned a few additional test flights from New Mexico in the summer or early fall, having additional staff for the ride, the company will finalize its operational policies.

"We have to make sure we have a very choreographer service and will be offered on a planning process," Whiteside said. "We want to give some time to hit the pilots." Asked about the work done, Whaitsaids will be the first thing we need to complete the commercial cabin installation. "The world class is our internal team, the Virgin Cabin is like going through the process of creating all hope-and yet many are going to work."

Outside of the cabin's work, Virgin also crosses his field and training equipment beyond Galactic California. "We have moved towards logistics by Space-Yuz Physics," he said. The company Mozauv-Virgin Virgin is looking for a small plane to start employee shuttle planes to the spaceship company between several hundreds of individuals and spaceports. To avoid inefficiencies in commercial flight times, the US largest airport near the US El Paso, Texas, is about 90 minutes south of spaceport America.

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