Facebook Launches Photos and Videos Birthday Stories Lets Users Add Cards

A few weeks ago, Facebook announced that its story feature now has 500 million active users. Now, a new job for brand stories that allows them to turn to their friends, send them a happy birthday by dedicating a story to them. It's fresh and soon you will be able to share with users stories of events and follow a new feature to be able to handle the 500 million Stories users and the company's efforts to refresh the contents.
Facebook Launches Photos and Videos Birthday Stories Lets Users Add Cards

Facebook Launches Photos and Videos Birthday Stories Lets Users Add Cards
Birthday Stories were created using the messages given inside the birthday cards, photos and videos to make them "visible, memorable, interactive and fun." To create birthday stories, the user has to click on birthday information. Now, they can choose a picture or video, or a pre-made birthday card. To make it more dramatic, happy birthday song can be included in the song. This birthday story adds to the person's story, creating a personalized slideshow.

Facebook product blog manager Jahan Damji said, "We're starting stories all over the world - the birthday of friends, family and its community of people, photos or videos of a birthday is a way to add birthday cards to celebrate the story. You see, tomorrow is my birthday. Perhaps the stated announcement is targeted. The day I got that day, Facebook's free treatment, it also came into this world to promote the world launch of birthday stories which get 50 bakeries in the US. Welcome to you.

 The insertion of my birth date is not to remember who is (if not married to me). I was tired of sometimes cold tradition of people who type "HBD" and was wondering if I kind of would come with every response. On May 10 I am getting good wishes. Every year I take the closer to death and whip me whale ice cream cake gives me reason to eat.

Tomorrow, it also has a practical reason to not share my birth date. Personal information such as the name of the pet (Guko) or the maternal uncle's name (Makbatfes) is fun to share in the quiz or contest, but access to their sensitive accounts can help the criminals make it easier to use security questions. To use the feature, press the new birthday information.

You can choose to ping your Facebook or video to send your message or you can use Facebook's digital birthday card. It creates a "birthday wish" that adds to you or your friend's story. You can also add music to give birthday soundtrack. During the day, the story becomes a "personal birthday slideshow" because people can add posts. Facebook says, "It's like having a personalized birthday card for all those who care about you, whether they are anywhere in the world." Facebook will speed up its work on stories, which suddenly saw a rapid increase in the number of users.

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