Thursday, April 25, 2019

Wife and kids who killed by techie in Ghaziabad

Police arrested the software engineer 
Sumit Kumar for killing his wife and three children. Ghaziabad police arrested on Tuesday night with the help of Udupi police. Three groups represented him. On Saturday and Sunday midnight, Kumar allegedly served his wife Anshu Bala (32), son Prthimesh (5), daughter Akriti and son twins Arav (4 years) and relief onion on the aged. Then threw his throat, police said. Kumar posted the post on his family after the video WhatsApp group found dead bodies after 22 hours on Sunday in which he was murdered. 

Kumar said in his video that he would commit suicide and buy the yard. Careful, the police seized bodies from Kumar's flat and sent them to the post mortem. SP (city) Shock Kumar said that Kumar would build the police before the media. Knowledge Division Kumar is suspected to have purchased a potassium cyanide from the medical shop.

Wife and kids who killed by techie in Ghaziabad
Wife and kids who killed by techie in Ghaziabad

However, the owner of the medical shop, Mukesh, condemned the sale of potassium cyanide to Kumar. Mukesh accused him of the cyanide, but gave him some drugs. The Drugs Department at the Medical Store launched the Intensive Search but the Synod was not found. Kumar is a drug addict and used to buy drugs for his personal use. Because of this addiction, he faced the financial crisis and lost his job, police said. PRI Core TR Shortly thereafter, he did not share video in WhatsApp that killed his family and immediately committed suicide. According to the Hindustan Times, he also said he had bought the potassium cyanide to kill him.

It revealed the Hindustan Times reports video, and his brother Pankaj Singh, who was driving by Kumar's apartment, was alerted. "I found the door closed.I called the police and we found my sister's traces and she hit three children's bodies," Pankaj Singh said. To find Kumar, the police launched a human-hunt. "We're trying to find Summit, his mobile phone is locked," Superintendent (City) Shock Kumar said. Police said the autopsy was sent to the autopsy and the FIR was registered.

According to information, the accused worked for Noida and Ghaziabad for the past eight years. After his parents died in the last three years, Sumit locked his house at Adityapur. Ghaziabad police SP Subendra Kumar Aggarwal is investigating the event. A software engineer like Sumit Bangalore and his family learns that Ghaziabad is staying at home for rent as he learns. Three months ago, Sumit suddenly lost his job and his wife started working in a Pleskul Ghaziabad. "We are investigating the incident We have killed three children in the Indirapuram police station area last night at his residence of Sumit Singh and his wife, who are trying to find a killer.

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