Sunday, April 28, 2019

What I'm on social media is what I'm in life Riya Sen

Riya Sen Arbaz Khan and Freddie Darwala 
returned to the headlines with the web series Poison. The beautiful actress Phalkun Pathak has launched her career with music video Ad Pia and used to make films before arriving at digital place.

What I'm on social media is what I'm in life Riya Sen
What I'm on social media is what I'm in life Riya Sen
She looked at her career and told's 
co-worker Ramesh S. "When I saw my pre-work, why did I do that, why did I wear that cloak, why are you talking why can not I improve?

How is your journey
It's good and bad. But for the most part is very curious, I want to change it for a minute. This is a learning process, and I'm lucky at a young age. Now, I'm always working on what I want to do. Sit down, wait and be patient. Tell us about Phalkun Pathak Music Video you know. I'm in Calcutta, and my parents proposed me to create universal music on Phalkun's Pathak music video. I'm in Class 9, I reject this offer because I'm a very signal. My parents explained that it is a lifetime opportunity. I was in tears because I was very shy and conscious before the camera.

In the end, I went to Mumbai for rehearsals and met another three girls 
in the music video with me. They are small and new in the industry like me. Although we are all cowardly teenagers, we have become good friends. I remember that signature step in music video. I got seven days to correct it. I am very cowardly and scared, and I can not even take my hand to the stage. Then, it became a difficult and music video was a super hit.

Even today, people I work with, love me for that song. 
They sometimes ask me to take that step, but I respectfully refuse (laughs). I must remember my first public appearance at any show in Surat. Seeing a huge crowd, I became almost unconscious. But this is my famous journey. I made more music videos with Universal Music. After that, I've done so many statements, then movies and now, the web series. How did your experience work on Ragini MMS: Returns and Poison?

When I saw my previous work, why did I do that, 
why did I wear that dress, why did I tell that conversation.why did not I do well? I realized that I was very young and I do not believe it. Today, I have taken up the role and I will do it because I have that experience. When I worked with great directors in Calcutta it came. I am getting roles without any song or dance, some of the characters that have some connection with the story and it is very challenging.

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