Thursday, April 25, 2019

Varun Dhawan to star opposite Sara Ali Khan in Coolie No 1 adaptation

Sarah Ali Khan is ready to star in the modern version of "Cool No. 1"

 the producers announced on Wednesday. Who is the first actor in the film "Kedar" of 2018, speculated that Varun Dhawan is a female dominant role in a modern adaptation of Hit Comedy. "It comes 25 years back and the official after the shooting Varun Dhawan, David Dhawan, starring Sarah Ali Khan, 

Vashu Bhagnani its timeless comedy, will customize" this will start in August. 1 "Couple 2" "Manufacturers have read in a statement." Next, the film refers to David with Varun, with second collaboration. Varun's latest release "Stigma", Sarah is the last. In "Simba". PTI

Varun Dhawan to star opposite Sara Ali Khan
Varun Dhawan to star opposite Sara Ali Khan 
After "Twilight 2", the film refers to David and Varun's second collaboration. Varun's latest release "Stigma", last seen in Sarah "Simba". Although Varun's latest release was 'stigma', Sarah appeared in 'Simba' last time. PTI Talking about the film, Govinda and Karisma Kapoor are in the lead roles. Varun's father and filmmaker David Dhawan has directed. Bhaagini has acted in a bank with 1995 film. Varun said in an interview with Filmfare that it is not a remake, the script is the same and we are changing things too, and it's different from the original.I do not see much entertainment in the last 15 years, so I'm doing this because I have a screen I love play and it's always great to have my father's direction ID I know, so I received it. "

Varun's latest release "Stigma", last seen in Sarah "Simba". 
Sarah's first film was the most controversial of Bollywood, which kept her busy release of Kedarnath and Simbu. Both projects have worked well on critics and on Bollywood charts. Sarah Ali Khan is undoubtedly involved in many shows that he chooses his way and cycling on the roads is emerging an extraordinary actress who has turned up everyday activity with his brother or friends. Sarah's attraction proves that she is not the only way to Vanity is the city.

Varun said in an interview with Filmfare that it was not a remake of the film and the script was the same.We have changed a lot of things, and it's different from the original.When I talked about Varun I did not find great entertainment.He appeared in the final stigma of Dharma Productions It is a multi-dimensional film, along with the film Shashank Khai Remo D'Souza's Battlefield and the domain of the street dancers can be seen. On the other hand, tomorrow, tomorrow will be 2 days, Sarah Lou.

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