Sunday, April 28, 2019

sharing Facebook post on Biplab Deb Journalist cop arrested


sharing Facebook post on Biplab Deb Journalist cop arrested
sharing Facebook post on Biplab Deb Journalist cop arrested 
Police said Tripura chief minister
Biplaf Dev's wife had divorced her. Assistant Inspector General (AIG) Subrata Chakravarthy told the night at the West Agarwal police station that the freelance journalist Shelf Tlpatra was arrested. Police Inspector General of Ponit Rastogi was arrested by the police after he was arrested by the police. The editor of the TIWN Saaman Sarkar said police had no right to arrest anyone and share with anyone. Similarly, Anup Pal was also booked by another boy after sharing various news on the same subject. Anupam Paul's friends and relatives are harassed every day and night, BJP's Mohammad Front leader Waterfalls Debborm allegedly handed over 1 million bribe to Anupam's friend if he could not catch him.

Anupam friend then took the police station (night) and suffered him twice. The OC-Subrata Chakravarti CM and DIG had to take charge of West Agartala to deal with pressure from the Aandinath Nath. However, there is evidence that Jamal Hussain has filed a case against illegal arrests by police and government officials, who have been arrested by police officer Jamal Hussein.  At present, the Additional Secretary of Chief Minister Milind Ramtek has put the whole process up. Various new media jointly reported these cases, and the divorce case between the CM and his wife is still stricter. The Chief Minister and his wife did not say so far, whether they filed a "divorce", because 100 percent of the truth, national media journalists and houses mentioned.

Dipanath was arrested on November -2018 for sharing news against the fake degeneration of BJP legislator. The court immediately released him. Friday accused Tripura of entering the social media user's unique case to spread false information about the "divorce claim filed against Biplb Deb by his wife Deve Strategy in Delhi court against Paul". Police are looking for Paul, Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Arindam Nath said. In the past, social media wing was involved in social media wing and allegedly sent fake messages on various aspects of social media. Biplab, who returned here Sunday after campaigning in West Bengal, said the FIR was registered against five persons. He said in a statement that he was "deeply intrigued before" who did not spare anyone "spreading false news," said social media hype mafia intentions.

She was surprised by some fake social media posts about her marriage, Biggl Dev's wife Nita Deb said. "Such fake promotions spoil the social status and stature of the person, to be the target of any such fake social media campaigns, especially Nita Deva," Some weeks ago, State Social Welfare Minister and Social Education Minister Sancha Chakma, happened. "

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