Rohit Shekhar husband of Apoorva Shukla murdered Pati patni aur woh

Rohit Shekhar husband of Apoorva Shukla murdered Pati, patni aur woh
Rohit Shekhar husband of Apoorva Shukla murdered 
The murder of the son of Rohit Shekhar 
by the end of Uttarakhand Chief Minister ND Tiwari has been solved. Within a few days, Rohit's wife was arrested by the Delhi Police Crime Branch for arresting the murder of Ambedkar. Police suspect the murderer of the unprecedented Day One. But, if something does not know, he'll kill her husband. Now, the mystery is fixed. Showed that it was a case for her husband, her husband and others). Rohit distant ND because of the long struggle to recognize Tiwari's son nationally became Rohit Shekhar. Rohit was married for years, and ND Tiwari declined the presence of a prominent Congress-born.

In Rohit's upbringing, TI Rohit has confirmed that he is really his son. Later, ND Tiwari took marriage to Ujjawala, who identified Rohit's mother years of conflict with the mother's son. When Rohit met me A few years later, Ujjawala became the wife of his son. In 2017, Ryan's marriage came to a girl's profile on a website. The woman is the only cuckoo. Rohit's interest and also showed the mother of the adventures of the profile. Then she decided to meet him. An official said they were arrested at home in their Defense Colony in south Delhi on Wednesday. Police Additional Police Commissioner Rajiv Ranjan said, "We have arrested the adventures with the help of scientific evidence and FSL 

Wedding: Rohit and Apurba are in direct contact for nearly a year. After all, on May 12, 2018, both were married to five stars in Delhi. Who is Delhi, the top politicians and bureaucrats at this wedding? Mount Ujjala married Rohit Apurva on the moon. Rohit and Anandu are very happy to start their married life. After marriage, Afapur moved to Rohit's beloved colony in New Delhi. Enter, 'WOH' Marriage Pleasure Not Longer When she realized Rohit's friend, Rohit Shekhar and Aditya's girlfriend were very quick.

He is a distant relative of friend Rohit and he often used to meet him. Apora learned about a year-old woman who was married to Rohit. Apurva is difficult to swallow near Rohit, and there is a dispute between husband and wife. Property There was a tension before Rohit and Akruva's horror, because he refused to demand a home for his family. He repeatedly asked Rohit to build a house for his family. However, Rohit repeatedly withdrew his demands, which often led to quarrels among the couples.

The ending is needed For Rohit and Apurva, it is clear that their marriage is not too long. Both discussed whether they were divorced. They were postponed until June this year. After this, in March of this year, there was a big fight between Rohit and Aparna after which he returned to his parents' home. Apurva was standing with his parents from March 3 to March 29, and returned to Rohit's Defense Colony home.

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