Posing as CISF personnel Man arrested in Delhi

The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) officials beat a good bad guy after being trapped in the form of CRPF personnel at Chandni Chowk Metro Station on Saturday. Based on suspicion, he was immediately taken to the CISF Security Room for inquiry. 

During the trial, the man was unable to give a satisfactory answer or could not show any identity proof as a member of the force. Nadeem Khan revealed his identity in the form. He told the authorities that he is currently training at CRPF recruitment training center in Jammu and Kashmir (RTT) in Mohan Nagar.
Posing as CISF personnel Man arrested in Delhi
Posing as CISF personnel Man arrested in Delhi

Nadeem said he was on vacation for his mother's funeral at Shamli in Uttar Pradesh. To ensure their notice, the officers contacted the CRPF Control Panel and they contacted Mohan Nagar RTT again. The authorities have been informed that no one can say in this RTC. Nithyim Khan revealed his identity in the form. He is home to Shamli district of Uttar Pradesh and is currently training in the CRPF Regional Training Center in Jammu and Kashmir, Srinagar.

The CISF said that a link was created with Mohan Nagar Center, after which no one was found to be involved in this case, after which UP policemen were consulted and his parents were at home. "More. When physically challenged, two different base cards, father's name and address and a mobile phone were captured. The CISF said, "DMRC Kashmir Gate has been assigned suspect with all the recovered items for more legitimate action in this regard." Further investigations are on in this case.

Police are suspected of being part of the main syndicate on the accused and he is in search of his colleagues. According to police, the arrested Sakhat Asin Amin (22) and several of his colleagues were given CISF personnel on cheap phones such as electronics, iPhone and Samsung. When the CISF staff tried to hunt the cones, the accused wanted to prove their identity card deal. Immediately, the accused are used to create identity cards and earn money as a CISF staff and post advertisements on the online portal. 

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