Wednesday, April 24, 2019

New Plane Selfie Priyanka Chopra 'Desi Girl Jonas Flaunts Her Mangalsutra

New Plane Selfie Priyanka Chopra Desi Gir
New Plane Selfie Priyanka Chopra 'Desi Girl'

Bollywood Desi Girl Priyanka Chopra 

has traditionally tried to synchronize modernity. His marriage to Nick Jonas was an example - he gave each tradition from the two sides of the family, but maintained the fun of work.

Despite having spent much time in America, Priyanka wears her Indian identity with pride. A recent example is the accidental selfie posted in their Instagram stories, in which his Mangalsutra revealed. A small piece of jewelery came from its yellow top, which was recently worn on the plane.

Well, Priyanka fails to give a statement, if she is with a blue moon ring or her only masculine look, she knows how it will happen. Recently, the actress acted with an ideal style of how her fans should flush a jet-set-style with a stellar cast. The actress published an Instagram article in which she donated her V-neck T-shirt and paired with Oval Sunglasses. She completed her with a minimum of makeup and hair tied to her bun. But the best of our minds is our eyes. See below:

In an interview with the 26-year-old singing sensation Bustall, Nick has given an interesting explanation and favorite part about his marriage. In fact this has happened. The work continued until the wedding day, we're there and it's very special and this is just our moment. "He talked about the whole experience of marriage, and said," The marriage is completely one. Unbelievable experience and life will vary in many ways. 

A few months ago, Priyanka's pregnancy rumors started broadcasting in the media mill, and after the news was rejected, the gossipers closed their mouth. According to a report from Pinkwall, Brenda's baby bump is clear, when Michael Kaur attended the New York Fashion Week for a fashion show. His photos on the show leave his fans in a strange move. The couple's close friend said, "If she's married in a dream in 2018, her parents are very happy with her in 2019."

But Priyanka has denied all rumors in interview with People magazine. According to sources, peak's claw is very special. It is made of four uncut diamonds. The pendant is tear shaped and our daughter is sweet on the girl. Priyanka Chopra married American singer-actor Nick Jonas in December. This couple can often see pictures and pictures sharing. Their marriage is one of the most beautiful weddings in the year. Before work, she later appeared with Sunny Ali Bose's Pink The Sky Is Pink. With Farhan Akhtar and Jayera Wasim.

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