Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Man arrested in Telangana poses as cop with fake ID card uniform

Hyderabad Locals allegedly detained the 29-year-old MV Bdadri

Police Assistant Intelligence Commissioner (ACP), organized a man to deceive people. The police said Sunday (April 21). "Today, the Task Force, who has presented himself to the Commissioner ACP (ACP), deceives the innocent people in the area arrested by the West Region MV Rvichandra team, intelligence, reliable information beliefs," 

said Deputy Commissioner Radhakrishnan Rao. (DCP), Task Force, Hyderabad Locals allegedly detained the 29-year-old MV Bdadri went to Rvichandra, who resided in the new district of New District, who was living in the Marredplli area of ​​Hyderabad.
Man arrested in Telangana poses as cop
Man arrested in Telangana poses as cop with fake ID card uniform

Police said that Ravichandra was staying in MERADPILLY since 2013 and was working as a data entry operator. However, he argued that he was passionate about the police department, he told his neighbors that he was his friends and he was elected Deputy Superintendent of Police (deputy SP) and he is working on surveillance. Besides, their luxury car fancy stickers in the windscreen, including "Airport Authority," and "Interpol". After the injured brothers were taken to the hospital, the lawyer demanded a complaint against the driver, Mohan and Prasad. Prasad is the PMO officer after the trial.

Prasad was running a travel agency and when he was questioned he had made false claims and he was arrested on the court and sent to judicial custody by a fake PNT identity card. ""We found he found a fake ID proof, but we did not have one. ccording to Police, he bought a police ID from his name and other vicious items under the name of Ravichandra police.

On that day, the Task Force team alleges that Rvichandra was holding him while in line residency in Hyderabad and seized all the fake documents. Rvichandra Time Arrest, MV Rvichandra Police, Police Assistant Commissioner (ACP), a police name in the name of intelligence, has received a certificate of medical certificates for the Mahatma Gandhi Hospital.

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