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Arjun Patiala on His kriti Sanon Co-star Diljit Dosanjh they both have wonderful chemistry

His upcoming comedy film Arjun Patiala and actress Masterpiece 
Snon and Diljit Dosanjh have praised his co-star, told him a great actor. The owner disclosed that he had excellent chemistry and things went from the right place and dropped from the word. The comfort level between the two is admirable and reflects the silver screen in favor of it.

Diljit Dujang is a great actor"Diljeet is a great actor and I really like that surprise me that we did not join before, and when we released our first scene together, there was dialogues in the scene, it was assembled in a song, but chemistry, go to the gate. So I think your face is a great actor, so chemistry set that green set, "MR Says Mr. Snon daily celebrity.

Arjun Patiala on His kriti Sanon Co-star Diljit Dosanjh
Arjun Patiala on His kriti Sanon Co-star Diljit Dosanjh
Krone Sanon emphasized 
the date of Arjun Patiala's release"It's getting released on July 19th and the trailer is accordingly and it's completely comedy of a different kind.This is a poor quality comedy.I do not think of tech like never before like this. It did not find the amazing music and I also look forward to release the movie because I shot the movie before Luca Silence and Hosful 4. " The master at Geospla Global Spa India Awards on Wednesday said, "It was released on July 19th, it's going to be a trailer, it's a completely different kind of comedy, it's a little inspiration for comedy and I do not think it's done in comedy."

In his love for comedy films he said: 
"I think I like comedy and I think it's hard to laugh and it's also very important ... We all have stress in the lives of the audience when you go to the theater and laugh at them, then it's better than nothing." "In this movie, we are playing the role of a serious criminal journalist about his profession, but in a humorous atmosphere, we tried to give a little Punjabi taste to this film." Master Piece and actor-singer Diljit Dujant worked for "Arjun Patiala" for the first time.

Sharing his experience with Diljit in the film, Master Piece said: "This film is a good experience for shooting and we are shooting major parts of Chandigarh." I think Diljit is a great actor. I was really surprised that I had not met before long, when we had our first scene in the set of the film, which had no conversations in that scene. We need action and action between us both, because if we shoot with a song montage, but in the scene, the chemistry between the scene felt and nothing is resolved, I think if you are acting as a great actor and if the chemistry is set up from the first scene, I should worry about you film Do not think. And then you have fun and have done this. " Varun Sharma is also in Arjun Patiala. 

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