Wednesday, April 24, 2019

After being harassed by wife man kills self in Pune

In Pune, a 40-year-old man committed suicide after his wife,his family, brother and his mother suffered. The deceased was identified as Mohammad Asghar, who committed suicide by jumping off the railway.

He lives in the hill with his wife. Mohammad Asghar's father picked up the police station and filed a case against an unknown person, who was the lover of his daughter, his mother, brother and wife.

After being harassed by wife man kills self in Pune
After being harassed by wife man kills self in Pune

Dipak's wife Komal (29), her husband Shalini (55) and Krishna Koele (59) were booked by the police. Two IPC bookings were booked under Section 306 (Proceedings for Suicide) and 34 (the actions of many people pursuing general intentions). The case was registered by Pimpri police. Deepak has a mechanical engineering degree and has worked as a deputy manager with General Motors Pvt Ltd, Thalagavdabdade in Pune. He married Sammaul, a resident of Nagpur on November 18, 2010.

"My brother was a gentleman who wanted a very delicate lifestyle and was struggling with my brother's purchase of money, so he did not cook, so the duo used to order food from the hotels." If my brother did not make a mistake, my brother wanted to be innocent The Mets hit his feet Indi. He approached me, and my mother and my bitter experiences shared with violence. " Jai Telwani's family members complained that, "Orgasm, Joe used to spend their lifelong support to spend the rest of his life." If it is satisfied the buyers do not find that it is abusive with hail and attack, and it demands his demands, he threatens suicide glory A few days ago Yo made her voice flown and He was told that he had cancer.

Jay and Satisfaction were married four years ago, but since March 2018, the successful goddess, Jay, began to regret more money. Jai suffered and suicidally committed suicide. On the other hand, Jay and Satapani's five-year-old son is left to live without his parents. Meanwhile, a similar incident occurred in Pune's Ambegaon yesterday. Due to domestic dissent with his wife, a man has completed his life as if he had himself hanged himself. According to police, the farmer and his wife lived in a house. However, his wife used to quarrel because he wanted to change the name of the land in his name. The farmer who was suffering from this constant mental harassment committed suicide by hanging her own home. Currently, the Indian Vidyapeeth police are investigating further information.

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