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A Secret About Her Casting In Pankaj Udhas' Sameera Reddy Reveals Song Aur Ahista1998

The post-Thursday post of Samira Reddy
one way ticket for the nineties on Panchaj Udhas song I and Ahheta's music video. The former actress posted a piece of song in Instagram and revealed that she had acted in the video because she was filmed in Australia and had no intention of pursuing career in films at the time. Samara Reddy wrote: "It started for my career.The start of this is the only music video I have shot in Australia! But fate works secretly and I feel very emotional when I see this clip." 

The story of me and Ahista is based on Maggi's gift Four years later, he starred in the music video, Samira Reddy and I started heart in Bollywood with Sohail Khan. He also starred in his last Hindi film in movies like Mushafir Nakshak, Phool and Final, Race, Day Dana Don and Tez. She has acted in regional films such as Narasimhau, Ashok and Son S / Krishna; Asal, Vettai and Tamil in the altar; And a Knol verse in Malayalam.

A Secret About Her Casting In Pankaj Udhas
A Secret About Her Casting In Pankaj Udhas

Sameer Reddy is married to 2014 salesman Akshay Ward and has not appeared in a movie after him. Samira and Akshay are the parents of the three-year-old son, Hans, and she is currently the mother of her second child. Sameera Reddy made her debut in the 2002 film Meen Dil Tuzco Dia. Dron High High (2003), Musafir (2004), Jay Chiranjeevi (2005), Taxi Number 9211 (2006), Ashok (2006), Race (2008), Warren Aayaram (2008). , Dana Dana (2009), Arukush (2010), Oru Naal Varum (2010) Watti (2012) and Teer (2012).

Early life
Samira was born on September 19, 1984 in a Telugu family in Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh. His mother's alliance, referred to as Nicky by his daughters and media, is a microbiologist and she acts as an NGO.He graduated from Mahim Bombay Scottish School in Mumbai and Saindham College. Samira described the "grave" and described himself as "family baby ugly duck," as he said, "I have fat, have glasses and my glam index is at the age of 19.

"1997 Ghazal singer Pankaj Udhas and slowly seen" Reddy's first music video. At the beginning of Smilla 2000, the debut Srvna Subbia is making filmmaking as an actress in the Tamil film Citizen, but finally she is not.He drew attention.Played an important role in Bollywood and I gave you my heart in the 2002 Hindi film. In 2004, she appeared with travelers with Anil Kapoor, Aditya Pancholi and Koine Mitra. Samira is also your video game, the first Indian actress to be the Samira Street Fighter. These mobile video games can be downloaded by fans and made available to cell phone users across India.

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