Monday, April 29, 2019

Raashi Khanna Treats Vijay Sethupathi is like a teacher

On Tuesday, it was revealed that Rasi Khanna was a prominent woman. This is the first time Vijay has been playing the pair. An exciting zodiac sign on Twitter. Royich, who started his Tamil film last year by Emica Nodigal, has about a dozen Tamil projects in his kitty. Regardless, the first Tamil film was not a major role in the film, but its talent was able to mark its industry. Interestingly, zodiac sign Venkat is associated with the symbol of Lord Prabhu. The actor in Hyderabad says, "Now I am in my sleep, I spend time with my parents." He knows very well that speed does not accelerate - Sanga Taizan is going with Vijay Sutapati; Venky mama with Naga Chaitanya and Venkatesh; Arjun Reddy is uncredited with actor Vijay Devarondo.

Raashi Khanna Treats Vijay Sethupathi is like a teacher
Raashi Khanna Treats Vijay Sethupathi is like a teacher

But the first major actor is Ayodhya, which will be released on May 10th 2015 NRTR movie Tamil remake of Temper. Vijay Seetapuri is busy promoting super deluxe, which will be released worldwide on March 29. There is an excellent pre-release between Netizens in the movie and the audience is expected to take a great start at the box office based on word-based oral. Vijay Sethupathi Mani Ratnam is already playing an important role in Joy Ravi and Kony Ponyiyin Selvan. The producers are leaving no stone to make the effort to make the money to bring in the Tamil cinema Magnum-Opas of another Mani Ratnam Tamil film. It is said that Lakka Productions will make this project a bankrupt.

What can you say about 'Tell tameesan'? Not much (laughs) I play the role of a photographer who witnesses in real life through the eyes of the Prophet. It caters to a kind of urban rural needs. 'What is your victory from Tam Sunga Tamizhan? I was a great fan of [Vijay] Sattupati, and when I met him, I was really nervous. In the set, I will always try to learn, but I can do more than that. He is very good with an improved system and constantly speaks on movies. She is a teacher. Does it only contain glamor roles in Tamil films? I like to dress but I also want to star. I was originally an actor in the Telugu industry. After all, it is also in Tamil. But do you write good roles in heroines, especially commercial films? I do not think we have given [space] to do that. Therefore, since I've got it I have to influence.

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